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Areas of Interest

We are most interested in fast growing emerging industries, where we can find companies that develop disruptive products and services that will transform markets themselves in their industries. In addition, these companies should be able to achieve dominance through high penetration, while maintaining low capital expenditures.

We believe that information technology comprised of -- software, communications, information content, information services, and high value-added electronic components is the best place to find large, fast growing companies. These markets include Micro-electronics, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Enterprise Software Systems, Wireless, and Networking.

In aggregate, such markets are expected to reach $1 trillion in size by the turn of the decade. As these markets develop and as the products coming out of them move from esoteric applications to the mainstream of business and consumer activities, the pace of innovation and change is accelerating, creating a myriad of opportunities for start-up companies. As the markets for information technology products and services become increasingly global and therefore increasingly large, the potential for building large, highly valuable enterprises increases. Our ongoing task continues to be to find and invest in the start-ups that we can help turn into the major information technology companies of the future.

While we realize that three years hence we will be seeing opportunities unknown to us now, the following are some technology examples of the areas of investment interest we see today:
  • Nanotechnology
  • MEMS
  • Internet applications, and infrastructure
  • Optoelectronics and fiber optics
  • Data Communications / Telecommunications / Wireless advances
  • E-commerce
  • Bandwidth improvement software and hardware
  • Semiconductors
  • Broadband Distribution solutions
  • Enterprise Software advances
No list would be exhaustive; we like to keep an open mind and consider unique opportunities. In general, we look for high gross-margin businesses in large markets, not narrow niches.

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